LEAN and Peloton!

Ride or die partnership

Big announcement for all you Peloton riders! 

LEAN is now on Peloton so we can ride or die as a LEAN community! There are several ways to get hooked into the LEAN rides! 

Are you ready to get your sweat on?!

Add the LEAN tag to your profile and connect with other LEAN members. To do this:

  • Go to your profile
  • Go to tags
  • Click search or create
  • Type in #leanwithamanda 
  • Add tag with the + button to the right of the tag


2 ways to find the LEAN classes:


  • Check Amanda’s social media to find the day, time, and instructor of the upcoming LEAN ride
  • Go to your Peloton class library and search that instructor’s name
  • Scroll through the instructor’s classes until you find the ride you saw on social media
  • Bookmark that ride
  • When it’s time to ride, go to your bookmarks, find that class and jump in to ride!




  • Search for our LEAN team Peloton leader Cortney: @cortneypiazza
  • Click “follow”
  • When it’s time for our ride, you can easily go to her name, find which ride she is in, and click join… that will put you directly into the ride we are doing that day!

This is going to be an awesome way for all my LEAN riders to connect and crush some workouts together! See you on the leaderboard! 


Ride on, LEANers, ride on!!!!


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