1:1 Coaching

Choose one call or eight
weeks of 1:1 coaching.

1:1 Coaching

Choose one call or eight
weeks of 1:1 coaching.
Personalized, expert nutrition and weight loss coaching to help you overcome your barriers and reach your goals.
Personalized, expert nutrition and weight loss
coaching to help you overcome your barriers and
reach your goals.

to your success

While 95% of clients will thrive in the LEAN group program, some clients just need that extra handholding and support. With the 1:1 option, you can choose to work with a registered dietitian, a LEAN coach, or one of our life coaches for mindset and motivational support.

Schedule 15-60 Minute Phone Consults To:

Talk through your needs and challenges and get expert advice

Receive nutritional, dietary, mindset, and motivation support

Join 1:1 Coaching to:

Address challenging physical, health, and mental barriers to success.

Receive enhanced 1:1 support with a LEAN coach of your choice to hit your long-term health goals.

Receive personalized nutrition, exercise, and supplement plans.

Keep up with lifestyle changes while staying on your health goals.

What’s Included In A Phone Consultation:

Discuss which program is best for you

Discuss specific medical concerns and questions that you need addressing

Receive 1 time guidance from a Registered Dietitian on reaching your health goals

Understand your specific macro and dietary needs

Get 1-1 time to talk through your barriers to success

Receive nutrition advice but not the daily support and accountability

What’s Included
in 1:1 Coaching:

Individualized nutrition and exercise plans (home or gym).

Weekly 30 minutes sessions with your coach.

Custom modifications based on individual needs and weekly results.

Nutritional counseling specific to achieving a lean body mass.

Specific nutritional counseling related to specific health concerns such as diabetes, celiac disease, heart disease, etc.

Personalized resources such as grocery list, approved foods, recipes and meal plans.

Enhanced daily accountability through texts and phone calls to help you stay focused and on track.

Individualized supplement recommendations.


LEAN Monthly Members see results that last. Join LEAN Monthly to keep and grow all the progress you made in LEAN!


Better Sleep   •   More Energy   •   Weight Loss   •   Improved Metabolism   •   Better Blood Sugar Control

Muscle Toning   •   Better Overall Health   •   Better Digestion

•   Better Sleep   

•   More Energy   

•   Weight Loss   

•   Improved Metabolism   

•   Better Blood Sugar Control

•   Muscle Toning  

•   Better Overall Health   

•   Better Digestion

  • Better Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Blood Sugar Control
  • Improved Metabolism
  • More Energy
  • Muscle Toning
  • Better Overall Health
  • Better Digestion

Hear From OUR Clients

“LEAN has been one of the most rewarding investments I could have ever done for myself! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at the end of January. I was overweight, thin hair, no menstrual cycle and had no idea where to start. I had followed Amanda for a long time and decided I was going to give LEAN a go. I knew for a long time I had a bad relationship with food and my emotions around food were always fearful – is this good/bad, will it make me bloat, etc. I was also the typical all of nothing mindset when it came to eating and working out. LEAN allowed me to detach from my old way of thinking about food, body image, the scale and nutrition. I went from eating less than 900 calories a day (learned this from tracking my typical day in prep week) to eating 1500 calories a day. I am amazed at my results!! Even though my numbers aren’t astounding or a quick transformation they are a sign that I have begun to repair my relationship with food and have confidence to keep doing this in the future. I have also been able to avoid needing any prescription medications and my Hashimotos is considered managed by lifestyle. As a bonus my husband is in the 3/15 LEAN groups, so we’ve been able to partner in our journey to better health! Below are some of the NSVs I also found from the program. I’m down 6lb and 10 inches!”
– Regular monthly menstrual cycles – this alone would have been worth it as we are TTC
– Empowered and equipped to fuel my body and plan nutritious meals
– Confident I will know how to support my body through a pregnancy when that time comes
– I wake up easier in the morning
– I don’t even want to use my scale anymore (!!!)
– Sleep is better
– My skin is less broken out
– I enjoy cooking health recipes
I will be going at it on my own next and I plan to incorporate exercise more. I felt that because of my relationship with food, I needed to focus there for the first 7 weeks and it has been so dang rewarding!”
“Your program is the BOMB!! To date I have lost 43 pounds and 35.5 inches. I am still continuing to lose. Your nutritional strategies are the best. I could not have imagined that I would be here 6 months earlier. I was post menopausal and never dreamed that I would ever be able to get rid of the extra weight. LEAN is like nothing I have ever tried before. So thankful that you always remind us that it’s “progress not perfection.” It has forever changed my life. I will forever be thankful!”
– Becky J.
“Three years ago I was shocked to find out my A1C was a 7.0 which is full diabetes (type 2). I had to accept that I did this to myself from years of unhealthy eating and I was the one that had to fix it. I exercised and tried several diets over the past couple of years and managed to get off of the medicine. However, my numbers still hovered between 6.0 – 6.5 for the past two years. My “off scale victory” today was getting results of a 5.6 A1C level. Levels under 5.7 are considered normal. LEAN has given me the tools I needed to live a longer, healthier life!”  “I am truly blown away by the LEAN Program. I am a physician, and I have always used my crazy hospital schedule as an excuse. I don’t have time to eat healthy or exercise as my schedule is crazy with some 60+ hour work weeks. I have no energy ormotivation to work out. There’s no way I could do a program like this with intermittent fasting because of my ever changing schedule from day to day and week to week. Those were my excuses. Boy was I wrong. That’s what I have loved about LEAN, it’s flexible to fit your schedule. My eating window changes every day, I just always make sure I fast 16 hours from whatever time I finished eating dinner the night before. Before LEAN, I always had the “all ornone” mindset. So I would do good for a week and then fail, so I just gave up. I love my new mindset of “Progress Not Perfection”. I may have an off day, or maybe go over on my macros one day but that’s ok. Tomorrow is a new day. I have loved pre-logging my itemsinto MFP so it helps me have awareness of what I’m putting in. I can make tweaks as needed. The fasting has been a lot easier than I expected it to be. I hit over 90oz of water every day now thanks to fasting. Who knew “hunger” could just mean you’re thirsty. In 2 back to back rounds I have lost 18.4 pounds and 11.5 inches. The best part of all is I feel AMAZING! I want to shout it from the rooftops, Go Try LEAN! I have more energy, I sleep better, I’m stronger and the best part, I feel confident! I’m so happy I made thedecision to focus on me back in April. I love how this has become a lifestyle for me and not just a “diet.” I can’t wait to see where I’m at in another 3 months.”
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