Throw away those damn shorts!

How holding onto the past can affect your future

I recently created a post on social media, “Throw those damn shorts AWAY!” that resonated with A LOT of you, so I thought it deserved a little more discussion. Our bodies do change over time. There is no doubt about that. We can be doing everything right: eating well, exercising, managing our stress, and drinking all the water, and still our body composition can change as we mature. Does this mean stop doing all those things that are good for us? NO! Not at all! It means we need to embrace where we are right now, in this moment! 


Here’s the problem with holding on to the past: it can affect the way we view ourselves today and can damage our future selves. If we’re holding onto those clothes that fit a few years ago and telling ourselves that we’re keeping them because we’re going to get back into them, we may be very well setting ourselves up to fail. Living energized and nourished does not come in one size and it’s not a number on the scale.  It is about loving ourselves and living our best life RIGHT NOW in whatever shape and size that is. When we attach superficial expectations to our health and wellness journey, it creates internal tension, and often leads to us quitting on ourselves. Nothing good in life comes from a negative mindset! We have to love ourselves right where we are, and when we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves. We can’t let a pair of shorts dictate how we feel about our bodies. 


Reaching goals takes work.  We each have all this potential to live our best life when it comes to our health and wellness. Visualizing what our future self who has achieved our goals would do, how she would act, what she would say to herself, that’s how we get to our goals. When we hang onto the past, we’re putting up an obstacle to the future. Your future self looks and feels amazing because she takes good care of herself and loves the way she looks! She’s not holding onto the past, because she is the best version of herself, and, girl, she looks fierce! So see her and trust her. Don’t hold her back from achieving her potential. Get rid of the damn shorts.


I love fashion, and I know the kinds of fits and styles that make me feel good about my body. So if you have a closet with clothes that don’t fit, how is that serving you? It’s not! It’s only discouraging you and creating a negative mindset!  So I encourage you to love yourself right where you are! Throw away those damn shorts! Get rid of those clothes that do not make you feel confident and add some new items that make you feel good about you! Play with different styles and see what works best for you right now! Have fun with it! It’s one of the best parts of being a girl!

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