LEAN Elite Member Spotlight

Rebecca Setziol

Meet our second member spotlight, Rebecca Setziol!  Rebecca joins us from Northern California.  She was introduced to LEAN through friends and has since lost 30 pounds!  But more importantly, she has a renewed love of cooking and now looks forward to her time in the kitchen!  Feeding herself and her family healthy, delicious meals has been her game changer.  Check out Rebecca’s Q&A below!

LEAN:  What has been your biggest challenge since beginning LEAN?

REBECCA:  Changing my mindset to maintenance after losing my weight.

LEAN:  What do you do to reset?

REBECCA: Fast, meal prep, and read everyone’s posts!

LEAN:  What is your ‘why’?

REBECCA: Turning the big 5-0. Want to feel strong, healthy, and lean. AND wear a bikini!

LEAN:  What are your goals moving forward?

REBECCA: Amanda’s abs, 5 pull ups, and continue to maintain!

LEAN:  What is your favorite LEAN or other recipe?

REBECCA: So many! Right now, I’m loving a zucchini enchiladas from Cook Once Eat all Week

LEAN:  Anything else you’d like to share?

REBECCA: So appreciate everyone’s honesty and support! What a great group with a kick-butt leader!

Congratulations, Rebecca!  Thank you for inspiring us all.  We’re so excited to continue on this LEAN journey with you!

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