4 Tips to Set You Up for Health Success in 2023

2023 is just a turkey and a Christmas tree away! Soon we’ll all be setting resolutions, hoping that this year, we’ll really reach our goals. 

Try these four tips to set yourself up for success in 2023 and have your healthiest year yet!

Set the Right Kind of Goals

Your health goals for 2023 should be ambitious, authentic, and health-centered. Here’s what I mean: 

Ambitious Goals

Ambitious health goals are the big goals that delight you but always seemed intimidating or unrealistic. Maybe you’re in your late 50s but have always wanted to complete a triathlon, or you’re a busy mom, but you’ve always dreamed of reaching an intermediate level of yoga. 

Ambitious goals might seem lofty, but they fill you with excitement and give you a strong desire to succeed. For example, an ambitious goal could look like this: 

  • I will complete a half marathon this year
  • I will fix my blood sugar levels
  • I will add 50 lbs to my one-rep barbell squat max
  • I will quit smoking
  • I will practice yoga for 100 days straight

Don’t shy away from lofty goals or feel afraid to dream big. Set goals that get you excited for the future. 

Authentic Goals 

Ambition alone can’t keep you motivated, though. Your health goals for 2023 must also reflect the deep, personal desires that you have for your life. 

Set goals that get to the bottom of what you really want. When goals are both ambitious and authentic to you, they make you feel energized, enthusiastic and keep you deeply motivated year after year. 

Think about the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having. What do you see yourself doing? How do you feel? How would reaching this goal change your life for the better? 

These visions are what offer real, impactful motivation, and they get at the heart of your health goals. An ambitious and authentic goal could look like this: 

  • I will complete a half marathon this year because I’ve dreamed of being able to run long distances for years
  • I will fix my blood sugar levels because diabetes runs in my family, and I have a lot of exciting plans for the rest of my life
  • I will add 50 lbs to my one-rep barbell squat max because I want to have the strength to keep picking up my grandkids
  • I will quit smoking because I want to set a good, healthy example for my kids
  • I will practice yoga for 100 days straight because I want to be pain-free when I go for walks with my partner

Set goals that align with what really matters to you in your life. When you identify why you want to reach a particular goal, your desire to reach that goal will grow.

Health-Centered Goals

Wanting to look better has long been a top reason for losing weight, but a new survey on the eating and dieting habits of people who want to lose weight finds that improving health is more of a motivator than improving physical appearance.

Goals you’ll stick with are centered around health and wellness, not weight loss and appearances. Focus on improving how you feel—your confidence, energy, moods, mental clarity, and stress levels. Weight loss and good looks will be the icing on the cake. 

Create a Plan You’ll Love

Make sure that the steps you have to take to reach your health goals are steps you enjoy taking. If you hate running and eating cruciferous veggies, don’t create a plan that requires you to jog daily and fuel up on broccoli. Build a plan based on the healthy habits you already enjoy. If you love dancing and eating smoothies, join a bar class and start freezing bananas! 

The healthy habits that stick with us for life are the ones that we actually enjoy. You can always sample other exercises or healthy foods every so often. But don’t base the success of your plan on the habits you hate. 

Create a plan that will help you reach your goals, and fill that plan with the exercises and healthy meals that you really enjoy. The more you love it, the longer you’ll stick with it. 

Remove the Obstacles

Before we hit 2023, eliminate the obstacles that could slow your progress or stop it altogether. Give yourself the best shot at success by clearing your path.  

Identify when you’ve fallen off the health wagon in the past and ask yourself why. For example, if you’ve always struggled to get your workouts in, walk through the reasons why, like this: 

  • In the past, I fizzle out pretty quickly when it comes to working out consistently. 
  • I have to be at work by 8:00 am, which doesn’t give me a lot of time in the morning.
  • I try to get up really early but always end up hitting the snooze button.
  • Going to the gym after work doesn’t fit my lifestyle—when I get off, I want to spend that time with family and friends. 
  • Working out sounds a lot more achievable to me if find a way to fit it in before work.
  • To set myself up for success, I’ll shorten my morning routine to give myself time to work out.
  • On the weekends, I’ll set out my clothes for the week and meal prep my lunches

Think ahead and set yourself up for success by eliminating potential obstacles that’ll get in the way. Make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your goals

Surround Yourself with Support

Don’t set off on your 2023 health journey solo. Daily support and accountability with others is one of the most powerful motivators you can establish. I see it every day with my clients in my LEAN program. Join a group like LEAN where you can walk alongside other people who are pursuing health and wellness too. 

Follow these 4 tips before the New Year. Set ambitious and authentic health goals that get you excited. Create a plan of healthy habits you truly enjoy. Clear away the obstacles in your way, and surround yourself with a supportive group of fellow health nuts. 2023 will be here soon, and you’ll be fully prepared for your healthiest year!

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