Make Money
by joining
our Affiliate

Make Money From LEAN by joining our Affiliate Program

Every successful new client
referral earns you $80!


Top Affiliates
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Participating in our Affiliate Program is easy and will earn you $80 per successful new client referral and send a $10 discount to every client you refer.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Get your referral code: After prep week (1st week) of your current session of LEAN your LEAN app will share your referral code with you. Get your referral code by tapping on the blue middle “AN” button at the app bottom menu and selecting “Refer Friend”.
  • Share your referral code: Share your code widely with family, friends, your social media — wherever you’d like! Referrals must use this code when signing up for LEAN in order for you to receive the referral credit, and for them to get the $10 discount (they should see this applied when they checkout).
  • Get paid!: Payouts are made via PayPal on the 28th of every month. Make sure that your PayPal is linked to your LEAN account by clicking on “Connect with Paypal” under the My Referral tab.

Here’s What Our Most
Successful Affiliates Say

Dr. Scott

The main goal of our functional medicine practice is to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Whether weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or another condition, we recognize that nutrition and exercise are the foundation for building overall health.

Given the importance and extensive nature of the topic of nutrition alone, we have been so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Amanda Nighbert to refer our patients to the LEAN program to help them achieve their goals.

As a registered dietician with clinical experience, the knowledge she brings has been invaluable to developing such a comprehensive program. We have seen tremendous success from our patients with LEAN, not just in weight loss but also in lab studies that we monitor before and after the program. In addition, patients always say they have learned SO much!

Amanda is always on the cutting edge of current health topics and research. The LEAN concepts, including her approach to supplements, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and exercise, mirror the philosophies we share with our patients making this an easy, all-inclusive program to recommend.

Sapna D.

After I turned 45 my usual diet and exercise regimen didn’t seem to be as effective anymore. I chalked it up to hormones and a natural consequence of aging so I was doing my best to accept the changes. After trying the Lean With Amanda seven week program I realized I was wrong — you can change your body and your metabolism in your late 40s! By the end of the program, I lost 5 pounds in seven weeks but more significantly I dropped TWO INCHES from my hips and ONE INCH from my waist.

Because sharing is caring when you find an effective and affordable nutrition program I just want to tell everyone I know — which is exactly what I’ve done since completing Lean With Amanda in Spring 2020. I’ve shared my success with hundreds of people who have, in turn, experienced their own success with the program. Along the way I’ve shared in their success and earned affiliate referral commissions from Lean With Amanda as I continue to spread the word about my favorite lifestyle program.

Karen R.

After struggling with being overweight most of my life and eventually being told I was borderline diabetic, Amanda Nighbert’s LEAN lifestyle was exactly what I needed to change things around! It was during that 7-week session that I lost 20lbs and 19.5 inches.

LEAN literally saved my life. Having the desire to see others find success in their health and wellness journey, I began to share my story on social media platforms. This eventually led me to create a private FB group for all those who are on the LEAN journey in my community as an avenue of support and friendship. It is here that we inspire each other, learn of new products to make the journey easier, and share recipes & tips.

Join our Affiliate Program
and start earning today!


Is the LEAN by 25 program eligible for referral payouts?

Yes! However, since it is a discounted program, we don’t offer any additional discounts and the referral bonus is $40.

I have more questions about the referral program. Who do I contact?

Email Heather at with any questions about the referral program.

How can I stay updated on the affiliate program?

Join our private affiliate group HERE! More info about the referral program as well as tips for sharing, plus stay up to date with what’s going on with LEAN!

Can I use my referral code if I’m a past client of LEAN, but am not anymore?

Yes, your unique referral code is always active. When you’re enrolled in LEAN, you’ll be able to retrieve your referral code after the 1st week in the app. Just click on the center AN button in the app, go to “Refer Friend” and get your code.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn through the referral program?

No, there is no limit on referrals.

How long is my referral code good for?

Your code never expires.

Can I use my referral credit to pay for a LEAN session?

No, at this time, there is no direct way to apply your credit to a LEAN session. Referral credits are paid through PayPal to you, which you can then withdraw to pay for your LEAN session.

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