Struggle with Consistency? How to Get Consistent with your Health Goals

Let’s get real. On some mornings, eating another keto omelet makes you want to gag and your kid’s box of Lucky Charms is calling to you from the top cabinet. 

At lunch, the server asks, “do you want fries with that?” And you don’t want to lie to her—you do want fries with that. 

Or, after a long work day, that boot camp class you signed up for sounds exhausting and what you’d really love is Chinese take-out and a lazy night in front of the TV. 

There’s no point in denying it: all of us have those days when staying consistent is extra hard. Trust me, I’ve had my chips-for-dinner days too.

So how do you persevere with your healthy habits when your inner fried-rice-rebel rears its head? Try out these five tips to make consistency much easier to achieve on the daily. 

1: Ditch the Wrong Definition

You probably already have a working definition in your mind for the word “consistency.” Something like, unchanging or doing something the same way over and over again. In the context of health and wellness, though, it’s important to shave off a few unhelpful parts of that definition.

First, consistency does not mean perfection. The road to better health and wellness isn’t leveled and paved. Your circumstances may change and that’s okay! You’ll hit obstacles, make mistakes, shift strategies, and learn along the way. Let go of perfectionism and separate it from your definition of consistency. 

Second, consistency is not the same as the all-or-nothing mindset. In fact, this type of mindset is a consistency-killer. The all-or-nothing mindset tells you that as soon as you mess up, you might as well throw in the towel. It preaches that you can only reach your health goals if you never take a break or make a mistake. This mindset is unrealistic at best and sabotaging your health goals at worse, so kick that mindset to the curb!

2: Get Specific About the Struggle

Why is consistency so hard for us? A busy schedule, unrealistic goals, and burnout might be common reasons for giving up on our health goals. But each person will face their own specific struggles. 

Stay one step ahead of your health journey obstacles by predicting what will challenge your consistency the most. Start by picking the obstacles that might get in your way from the list below: 

  • I hate cooking, so fast food or take-out ends up being my go-to.
  • My kids are picky eaters. Healthy food doesn’t please the family palate.
  • I’m willing to put in the work, but there’s so much information out there, I don’t know which strategies to believe.
  • When I don’t see the scale going down each week (or even every day) I get discouraged and tend to give up soon after. 
  • I’m embarrassed to exercise at my gym or in public, so I skip it a lot.
  • My schedule is already full—things like packing healthy lunches and working out get pushed to the back burner.
  • I actually feel worse when I’m trying to lose weight. I’m hungry and my energy is lower. The cravings get out of control, and I feel deprived and less happy. 
  • I don’t think I have the money for a gym membership and healthy food. Isn’t healthy living more expensive? 
  • I don’t enjoy working out and dieting. The treadmill and low-calorie foods suck the fun out of life. Did someone say it’s happy hour? 

Do any of these sound like the voice in your head pushing back when you’re trying to stick with healthier habits? Knowing what will challenge your consistency most will allow you to plan, prep, and beat the challenges when they come. 

We’ll address all these roadblocks in my next LEAN session where you’ll learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that brings real results and that you actually love! 

3: Add Accountability

An accountability partner can make all the difference while learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. Some days it’s easy to talk ourselves out of sticking with our plan, but when we know someone else is counting on us, we’re more likely to show up. 

Find a friend who also has a few health goals. Join a fitness class with your spouse. Hire a health coach who will guide and challenge you. Link up with someone who will help motivate and encourage you, especially on those harder days. 

4: Swap the Negative-Talk for a Pep-Talk

If we’re consistent about one thing, it’s the negative self-talk! When you catch yourself asking “Why can’t I do it?” or “What’s wrong with me?” quiet those questions immediately. Negative questions like these drag us down and discourage us. 

Instead, ask yourself constructive questions. Try saying, “What can I do tomorrow that will set myself up for success?” or “What bump in the road made it extra hard for me today, and how can I knock it down in the future?” 

Intentionally pay attention to the reward you get from sticking to your plan. When our lifestyle is healthy, we have more energy, feel more confident, look more radiant, sleep better, work harder, and rest easier. Kick out the Debbie-Downer and, instead, focus on constructive questions and how rewarded you feel when making healthy choices.

5: Bounce Back When you Hit a Bump in the Road

When you make an unhealthy decision, give yourself grace. Instead of knocking yourself down or trying to work off the past mistake, get up, brush yourself off, and decide what you can do the next day to get back at it.

Consistency is all about your ability to recover from an unhealthy decision. The best way to bounce back is to simply return to your healthy lifestyle, free of guilt and motivated for the future.

No One is an Overnight Success

For me, staying consistent with my health routine became much easier when I realized one little truth. The truth is, no one transforms overnight. Learning how to stay consistent and finding a healthy lifestyle that works for you should be at the core of your health routine. 

At LEAN, I’ve created a program centered around the concept of consistency. You’ll learn how to create healthy habits that are easy and (dare I say it?) enjoyable! 

You’ll receive a load of resources that’ll knock down many obstacles in your way. Plus, you’ll be immersed in a community and team that will hold you accountable and cheer you on. Jump in our next LEAN session and see how consistent you really can be.

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