The Do's And Don'ts To Stay Healthy During Vacation

As the weather gets warmer, you may have your eye on how to get your body ready for more time in the sun and for more summer vacation traveling! 

Like most of us, you want to look and feel your best this season — so I put together this list of do’s and don’t to help you accomplish just that. Boost your health and your confidence with these 7 rules before and while you’re summer vacationing. 

Do: Hydrate!

Be that babe that’s always hauling around a huge water jug. Flushing water through your system will do wonders leading up to and during your summer travels. Water helps to reduce hunger. It quiets unhealthy cravings. When you drink plenty of water, you’ll notice clearer and plumper skin that even heals quicker from sunburn. Water will lower belly bloat and keep you regular as well. 

Shoot for at least 64 oz. of water each day. On those occasional days when you’ve had a cocktail or two, add some electrolytes to your water or crush a few cups of coconut water to replenish your body’s electrolyte stores. 

Don’t: Fear Water Weight

If you’re worried about ballooning with water weight, lay those fears to rest. Drinking more water actually flushes retained water out of your body – so keep sipping! 

There’s no need to flood your system, though. Too much water can deplete your body’s electrolytes, so keep a steady balance. Stick with the recommended 64 oz., plus a few cups more if you’re drinking alcohol or sweating a lot throughout the day. 


Do: Pump Up Your Protein

Most of my clients find out that they were eating far too little protein before they start working with me. 

Protein fills up our bellies and keeps us full and satisfied for a long time. It helps build muscle, which burns more calories than fat and boosts our metabolism! So grab that greek yogurt, chuck some chicken on your salad, add an egg to your breakfast, and boost your beans and legumes. Make sure you have protein with every meal to keep your blood sugars stable and your stomach satiated.

Don’t: Cut a Bunch of Calories

If you’re in the process of losing weight, stick with the slow and steady approach. You can lose 2-3 pounds a week without compromising your physical wellbeing through extreme calorie cutting. 

Load up on healthy sources of protein, fiber, and veggies throughout the week. Your body will thrive, you’ll feel energized and won’t have to starve to move along in your weight loss journey. 


Do: Fork Over the Inflammatory Foods

Sugar, processed ingredients, and packaged foods won’t do you any favors. To lower belly bloat while you’re in a bikini at the beach, omit high inflammatory foods as much as possible. 

Gluten, cow dairy, and alcohol can also increase inflammation in some people, so keep an eye on how your body responds to these foods. Skip them if you want to beat the bloat. 

Don’t: Be Duped by “Diet” Foods

Many “diet” foods out there are often as far as you can get from healthy whole ingredients. Oftentimes, they only offer short-term results and lead to worse health and further weight gain in the long run. 

Skip “diet” foods and eat a diet rich in whole foods, protein, and fiber. These foods will help you progressively lose weight and are healing and healthy for your body too!


Do: Stick with a Fasting Schedule

Intermittent fasting can help reduce inflammation,  lower body fat, and balance insulin levels—leading to healthy weight loss. For best, sustainable results, fast for 14-16 hours each day and eat all your meals within an 8-10 hour window. 

Don’t: Fast ‘till You Flop

Skimping on food to lose weight quickly will backfire, my friend. There’s no need to starve yourself the week to see some temporary weight loss. Over-fasting will only lead to a slowed metabolism, intense food cravings, and unhealthy binges later on. If you’re going to reap the benefits of fasting, do it the healthy, safe way! 


Do: Stay Active!

Leading up to your vacation and during it, keep that body moving! Exercise (especially when it involves both cardio and strength training) will help you tone your muscles, lose excess body fat, and improve your mood and sleep. 

Don’t: Overwork During Your Workouts

As vacations approach, we can get a little panicky about when we’ll fit our workouts in. Resist the urge to log long hours on the elliptical to make up for it. One quick 15-30 minute HIIT session will burn just as many calories. Plus, adding strength training to your routine will boost your metabolism for the rest of the day! 


Do: Get Strict on Sleep

Deep sleep is critical for weight loss, losing belly fat, and your overall physical and mental health. Make sleep a priority and enjoy the added benefits of lower cravings, better energy levels, and more fat burning throughout the day. 

Don’t: Skip Sleep to Slim Down at the Gym

It seems counter intuitive, but snoozing the alarm might be better for your waistline than catching that early morning cycle class. Consistently not sleeping well and working out will raise your cortisol levels and cause your body to store fat instead of burning it. After a bad night’s sleep, opt to sleep a little longer and sub a lighter workout in instead. 


Do: Maintain Healthy Habits

Want long term results? Stick with your normal, healthy habits leading up to your vacation. While away, stay active, drink plenty of water, and enjoy some extra rest. Then, get right back to your healthy lifestyle when you return home.

Don’t: Put off Healthy Living Until the Last Minute

Maybe you’ll tighten up on your healthy habits a bit before vacation. But resist the urge to wait until the week before and try to drastically lose weight. Instead, build healthy and sustainable habits overtime. You’ll be less likely to binge while on vacation, and you’ll enjoy your PTO even more! 


Be a Rule Follower…Just This Once

These seven pre-vacation rules are more freeing than restricting. Plus, they’ll help you keep moving forward in your health journey! Try them out this summer, and see how much better you look and feel basking in that summer sun. 

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