Congrats! You have made the first steps to putting your health and wellness at the top of your list, and making yourself a priority! It can be so difficult for the average person to know what healthy eating looks like.  There are so many mixed messages about nutrition and weight loss that people tend to give up before they even get started!  My knowledge and background as a Registered Dietitian allow me to give you the most up-to-date and accurate nutritional information. This is my life’s passion and has been while working in a clinical setting and the field of weight loss for the past 18 years.  I want to clear the air, give you the facts and teach you what healthy eating looks like for you and your family.  I also want to show you how easy it can be to implement sustainable lifestyle strategies into your busy and hectic lives! Because, whatever you do to lose weight, you must be willing to do to keep the weight off.

So, what is the difference between the LEAN 7-week program and the LEAN Monthly Membership (LMM)?

The LEAN 7 week program is the introductory session that everyone must start out with, no matter where you are in your nutrition journey. Here, you learn the foundation and basics of macro-management, intermittent fasting, whole food nutrition, carb cycling, and more. You will receive daily posts, videos, and accountability from me and our wonderful team of Accountability Coaches! During the 7 week session, you will learn invaluable nutrition strategies that will help you understand how your body works.  We will re-train our bodies to efficiently burn fat for fuel. With intentional exercise, macro-management, and intermittent fasting, we will build lean and strong bodies.

You will receive access to a Comprehensive Guide with all the information you need to succeed, along with access to 4 different meal plan guides, weekly workout guides that can be easily modified, completed at home, at a gym, or while on vacation, and more!

During the 7-week LEAN program, I want you to gain nutritional awareness and see progress towards your goals. I will teach you the “why” behind my methods and strategies so you have a better understanding and knowledge of how nutrition impacts your health and wellness goals.

At the end of your 7-week LEAN Session,  you will have the option to roll over into our monthly program. The biggest question I receive is: Am I ready for the LEAN Monthly Membership? And the answer is, YES! You are ready! 

LEAN Monthly Membership (LMM)

Once you complete the introductory 7-week LEAN session you are eligible to roll into the Monthly Membership. You will join a community with thousands of LEAN members who are continuing to work towards progress and achievement of goals. In the Monthly Membership, you will have access to my team of Registered Dieticians and Life Coaches who will help guide you along the rest of your journey.

My team and I will conduct weekly calls and that offers you an opportunity to jump in and ask all of your questions, just as if you are one on one! You will still check in each night for daily support and accountability. You also continue to have access to all of the information you received in the LEAN 7-week program, as well as continued nutrition education with new topics each month and featured guest experts. You will receive all new meal plans, workouts, and more! Subscriptions start the day you sign up, and you may cancel at any time.

Whether your personal goals are:  weight loss, maintenance, reverse dieting, incorporating diet breaks, etc. the LEAN Monthly Membership is for you! Simply put, this is just an extension of the LEAN 7-week program. I want you to learn that these LEAN strategies are sustainable and that once you achieve your goals, you can learn how to maintain your success!

In the LEAN Monthly membership, we look at each month as a 4-week session. We assess at the start and end of each month, as this gives us the opportunity to spot a plateau, make tweaks, etc.


If I complete a 7-week session of LEAN and go off on my own, do I come back and do the 7-Week Session or do I go to the LMM?

  • This is entirely your choice. The 7-week LEAN program never changes.  You can repeat it as often as you wish, and you will always receive your repeat client discount of $60 off making your session $140! If you need a refresh, you can jump into any session. However, once you complete the 7-week program, you are eligible to roll into the LMM at any time.

I still have weight to lose. Is the LMM for me?

  • Yes! Many clients are still working toward their weight loss goals with the guidance and support from myself and my team. Whatever your goals are: weight loss, maintenance, reverse dieting, diet breaks, etc. The LEAN Monthly Membership is for you! 

Can I cancel at any time?

  • Yes! You can modify your subscription at any time.

Do I need a special code to receive the repeat client discount for the LEAN 7 Week program?

  • Nope! No code needed! Simply sign in under your existing email and the $60 discount will be unlocked and your session will only be 140. 

Will I have access to the portal and all the information if I do not continue on?

  • Your access to the app and the information in the app will end on the last day of your 7-week session. However, EVERYTHING is downloadable! Be sure to download anything you wish to hold onto prior to the end of your session.

I already have all my foods saved! Can I continue to only use the My Diary tracker?

  • Yes! That is an option at $8.99 a month and you can sign up HERE!

Find more FAQ’s about LEAN HERE!



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