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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program include?

– Over 30 page Comprehensive guide – 6 Week Meal Planning Guide – Weekly grocery list – Weekly meal prep instruction with videos – Weekly Recipes – Weekly Workouts – Daily accountability and guidance – Access to the FREE Amanda Nighbert App where the program is run – Access to the private group for daily support – Real advice from a Registered Dietitian – Several live Q&A’s – Many helpful tips on meal planning, eating out, staying on track

Can men and women do the program?

YES! I work with both men and women and have a special couples rate of $299. Choose the spouse add on when you register to receive this discount.

I don't live local or I don't live in the US. Can I still join?

Yes! I have clients all over the world! This is a virtual program that is all run through a FREE App. We do not use any social media accounts for this program and you can live anywhere to participate. There are no set meeting times so the program is very flexible for busy people on the go.

Do I have to wait until the next start date to join?

The best part about this program is you get everything you need to get going the minute you sign up, PLUS I have a new session starting almost every two weeks! You will receive the comprehensive guide, prep week info, and how to get started videos via email as soon as you sign up (be sure to check your junk or spam mail if you do not see it) so you can start practicing until your session opens. I am available via email to answer questions before we get going in the private group!

Do you provide an actual meal plan for each day?

The goal is to teach you macro management so you can eat the foods you enjoy and are not stuck to the same plan week after week. However, meal planning and meal prep will be a big part of this program. Therefore I will provide sample lunch and dinner recipe options with a detailed grocery list and meal prep instruction each week. This is super helpful!

Are there any foods that aren’t allowed or required?

Nothing is off limits! My goal is to teach you more about healthy eating and the importance of whole food nutrition. With this knowledge, you will see food groups like gluten and dairy are problematic for many and decrease the ability to lose weight. Therefore we will aim to be gluten and dairy free as much as possible but, progress not perfection!

Can I still drink alcohol?

Duh! My goal is to teach you sustainable lifestyle changes including how to incorporate social activities and still be successful. This includes alcohol! Once you understand how alcohol impacts your metabolism and weight loss you will be able to better manage and adjust your intake so that you still see results.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an advanced nutritional strategy that involves limiting your eating window to 6-8 hours each day. It is not so much about what you eat, but when you eat! When we limit our eating window it forces the body to break down stored fat on a daily basis which increases weight loss and makes keeping the weight off so much easier! The fasting is just one small part of the program. This is a very flexible nutritional strategy that we can implement to fit your lifestyle and needs. For more info about Intermittent fasting download my free guide HERE!

I have done Atkins and keto. Is this the same thing?

No, this is not the same as Atkins and keto. We focus on whole food nutrition with macro management. Carbs will be a macro we look at daily but carbs will not be completely off limits! This program will teach you how to find that proper balance with the foods you love to eat and the foods you know you need to eat.

What does macro management mean?

Macros are simply carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Many people get wrapped up in controlling calories and the old saying calories in vs calories out, but we now know does not promote weight loss. It is far more important to look at how the body and endocrine system processes the food we eat, especially carbs and sugars. In order to lose weight you have to keep your insulin levels low, insulin is the number one fat storing hormone in the body. When insulin levels are high we will store fat! So we use macro management to control the intake of carbs and sugars, to keep our blood glucose level in check and therefore reduce the production of insulin. This is what leads to great weight loss results! And the good news is you don’t have to give up carbs altogether to get these results! My goal is to teach you how to manage YOUR macros for long term success!

Do I need to be a member of a gym? What if I can't exercise?

No! Workouts can be done at home or in the gym. The LEAN program gives you lots of options! I also like to stress to my clients that diet is 80%. You can not out exercise a bad diet so we put most of our focus on diet and nutrition. Don’t let the fact that you can’t exercise be the reason you don’t start!

What equipment is needed if I did the at home workouts?

A few dumbbells or kettlebell! A few low weights like 5-10 lbs and one set of higher weights 15-20 lbs and jump rope should be perfect to get you started. Check your craigslist or facebook marketplace for a cheap way to find equipment.

Can I continue my own workouts or do I have to do the ones you provide?

For sure you can continue your own workouts! Any exercise is better than no exercise at all, this program is very flexible! Doing exercise you like and enjoy is important!

Do I have to have a facebook account to do the LEAN program, I hate social media!

No! Everything is now running through my new app! Therefore you do not need any social media accounts to participate in the LEAN program.

Do we meet in person?

No, everything is done online and on your schedule. Very flexible!

Will I need to buy any additional products to do the program?

NO! No shakes, pills or potions involved! We focus on whole food nutrition the most! There are supplements and products that I will recommend BUT they are not mandatory nor necessary to be successful with this plan. Most can be found at your local grocery store or Amazon.

What if I can’t exercise?

Diet is 80% so that will be our main focus. If you can’t exercise or need to modify the exercises you can still be very successful. 40% of my clients do zero exercise and still see great results!

I’m trying to get pregnant. Should I still sign up or wait?

For sure sign up! There are no gimmicks with this program! It is all about healthy eating, whole food nutrition, and increased activity. You will be in a much better place to get pregnant after implementing these guidelines. And if you get pregnant while in the program, there are just a few small tweaks we will make so you can continue!

Can I still do the program pregnant or while breast feeding?

Yes, with a few modifications you will do great! I work with tons of BF moms and have a whole section devoted to your tweaks and guidelines so that you can get the benefits of the program, lose weight and still maintain a good milk supply which is our number one goal! If you start the program and your supply is impacted then we will just delay, and you can restart once you are done BF. So no loss if that happens!

I don't want to lose weight just tone up. Is this program still good for me?

YES! This program will get you feeling leaner with more energy! We can easily tweak your macros for that very thing!

I’m going on vacation. Should I wait to sign up?

No! Just do it! The goal is to teach you sustainable nutritional practice that you can easily do when you are home or away! This program is not a quick fix plan. The goal is to make a lifestyle shift that is not temporary. Read more about my tips for staying on track while on vacation HERE!

I heard there is a prep week, what is this and when does it start?

LEAN session dates begin on prep week. So if your session start date is Monday, April 15th, then your prep week begins Monday, April 15th. I LOVE prep week because it is intended to give you a week to learn, get educated, get prepared and practice so you are ready to jump in 100% during week one! You will get so much GREAT information, access to guides and instructional videos during prep week.

I am vegan, can I still do the LEAN program?

For sure you can do LEAN! I work with many vegan clients and even offer a 6-week vegan meal plan to assist you. LEAN focuses on whole food nutrition so the biggest portions on our plate each meal with always be vegetables therefore perfect for vegans. This is NOT a high protein diet so most vegans have little issue obtaining the protein they need from plant-based sources. If protein does become an issue, adding a plant-based protein supplement is very helpful!

I am a very picky eater or my family are picky eaters, is LEAN right for me? Will I have to make two meals each night?

Typically when someone says they are a picky eater that means they do not like many healthy type foods including vegetables! I always like to be very upfront and say that we focus on whole food nutrition and healthy eating revolves around using a lot more veggies in our diet. My goal is to help you learn different ways to cook and serve these types of foods so you and your family learn to like them. The LEAN program will provide a wide range of different recipes and meal ideas to choose from. However, you are not forced to use or eat the recipes I provide. You can adapt the LEAN nutrition concepts to the foods you do like and make it work. I will say that all the recipes that I give you in the program are the same recipes and meal ideas I use with my own family. In most cases, it is just a little adding and subtracting to make everyone happy. A few examples: I will make a taco salad and my family will eat tacos, I will make chicken and roasted broccoli and add Mac and cheese to my kid’s plate, I will make a veggie omelet with bacon and make omelets and a few biscuits for my family. I try to keep it very simple!

I am a busy mom/dad, with kids, on the go, and/or travel a lot, can I still do LEAN?

This is everyone! You are not alone. We all are running very busy lives, are overscheduled, kids going in all directions or have a job with lots of travel. This is the biggest issue facing all of my clients. Therefore my goal is to teach you how to make healthy eating easier, faster and even doable on the go. With that being said it is important to note that it takes ZERO effort to eat like crap in the USA. So this program is not effortless, healthy food does not fall into your lap or come out of a drive-through window. So when you sign up for LEAN you have to be prepared to put in a little work towards prepping and planning healthy meals. THIS IS KEY! I promise I will make this process easier but if you can devote 1-2 hours each weekend towards a little meal prep then it will save you 7-10 hours during the week! So yes, regardless of how busy you are if you are ready for change then LEAN is manageable! Even for those on the road a lot! I work hard to teach and show you how to make the best options when eating out. For more info and tips to stay on track while eating out consider purchasing my Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go HERE!

I have diabetes, auto immune disease, fatty liver, heart disease, high cholesterol, PCOS, etc, is LEAN right for me?

In almost 99% of people who ask this question the response is YES, LEAN is great for you! That is because this program is based on whole food nutrition with the overall goal of learning to eat a large amount of foods that do NOT contribute to inflammation and these types of diseases. I have worked with so many clients with various medical issues that have seen great improvements since starting with the LEAN program. In addition, I am a Registered Dietitian with nearly 20 years of clinical experience helping patients with various medical issues so I feel very comfortable and competent in making any modifications that your medical issues might require over the course of the 7-week program. Therefore there are rarely any scenarios in which the LEAN program is a bad fit.

I work night shift, can I still do the LEAN program?

YES! For sure you can! Night shift is very tricky I will not deny that, but doable. The trickiest part about night shift for some is the daily fasting, therefore we make a few adjustments. Most night shift workers will not fast every single day, typically on their swing days, they will simply focus on the whole food nutrition and macro management without the fasting. So night shift workers will fast an average of 4-6 days a week depending on their schedule and still see great results!

I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature in which you have received the information I do not offer refunds. Please read through everything and email me with any questions before you sign up. However if now is not a good time, just send me an email and I can put your registration on hold until the next session.



Weekly meal planning is one of the easiest things you can do to set yourself up for successful healthy eating. I’ll share my 3 favorite tips (plus a sample meal plan and shopping list!) to make meal planning fast and easy, while simplifying your life!



Weekly meal planning is one of the easiest things you can do to set yourself up for successful healthy eating. I’ll share my 3 favorite tips (plus a sample meal plan and shopping list!) to make meal planning fast and easy, while simplifying your life!