KISS Method: Keep it Super Simple!

focusing on what is important

I think we can all agree that 2020 has started out unlike any other year in history! Most of us would like a chance to just take a time out and start the year all over again! We’ve been thrown into a situation for which we were unprepared, whether it be that we’re working from home and helping our children continue with school or we’re on the frontlines helping the world keep turning! We may feel like it’s harder than ever to make our health and wellness a priority! I HEAR you, and I am HERE to tell you that it’s not! 

LEAN has a strategy that will help you keep what is important in focus! Welcome to the KISS method! Keep It Super Simple! Let’s get back to the basics of your health and wellness! Here are 5 simple but IMPORTANT things you can do in under 15 minutes to make your well-being a priority!

  1. Reflect. Take 2 minutes to reflect on your last week. What was your biggest accomplishment? Maybe you drank more water than you did the week before. Maybe you didn’t eat as many sweets. What was one thing learned about yourself this week? Maybe it’s that you tend to crave junk food when you’re not getting enough sleep. Maybe it’s that you didn’t plan on healthy snacks like you should have
  2. Express gratitude. Take 2 minutes to think of 3 things you are grateful for. These can be the simplest of things like good coffee or family game night or larger concepts like having plenty of food or a loving community that cares for you.
  3. Plan. Take 5 minutes to plan your meals for the week. This 5 minutes of planning can go a long way to setting yourself up for success all week! You know my saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail!” It’s true! Get a little input from your spouse and your kids and make a quick plan to provide nutritious meals that will please the whole family!
  4. Goal set. Take 2 minutes to consider one goal for the upcoming week. Maybe it’s to eat more vegetables. Maybe it’s to exercise!
  5. Give grace. Take 2 minutes to consider what you can do to make your life easier this week. Maybe it’s chopping up those veggies ahead of time. Maybe it’s using more leftovers!

There has never been a time more important to practice self care than now! Let me help you take control of your health and wellness and stay positive in these crazy times!

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