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My Top Four Picks

Eating LEAN doesn’t mean that your fridge or pantry is lean! In the LEAN program, we eat a TON of food! I often hear from prospective clients “Amanda, those salty snacks are my downfall, and I just don’t think I’ll be able to give those up.  It’s too hard!” Well, I agree!! And here’s the GOOD news: you don’t have to!! It’s all about finding those healthier alternatives! Check out some of my favorite snacks when I want to satisfy that crunch! These are all available on amazon and many can be found in your local grocery!

1) Chomps Sticks

I love the Chomps sticks! They are a great salty snack for on the go! Packed with protein and low in carbohydrates and made with high quality protein, you’re going to love these! Keep one in the car or in your purse when you need a quick and easy snack on the go! 

2) Quest Chips

Life is too short to give up chips! Normally when I have a craving for chips I grab some tortilla chips and salsa, but Quest chips are another good alternative when you’re wanting those cheesy, ranchy, BBQ flavored chips. Another protein packed salty snack that tastes delicious and is a better alternative to grabbing that bag of Doritos! 

3) Gluten Free Crackers

Who doesn’t love crackers!? There are some good gluten free crackers out there, but I love the Mary’s and the Milton’s crackers! With a variety of flavors, they are definitely healthier choices to traditional crackers. I love ALL things spicy, so the Mary’s jalapeno crackers are my favorite! Love them as a snack or with my chicken salad at lunch! And if you like the everything bagel seasoning, you’re going to love the Milton’s Everything flavor! Great dipped in hummus for a snack or alongside that hearty soup for dinner.

4) Skinny Pop

Did you know popcorn is considered whole food nutrition? Well, you’re in luck, because it sure is! An oldy but a goody, I love some popcorn, and it’s a great snack for the kids too! Low in calorie, this is a delicious treat that satisfies that craving for a salty crunch! I’ve been known to sneak into the movies, but sshhhh! Don’t tell! 

Life is too short to give up those snacks when you need that yummy salty snack, and eating LEAN does not mean that you have to forego these things! Try some of these macro friendly options that satisfy our snack needs all while fueling our body with whole food nutrition! 

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