Introducing LEAN accountability coach Cassie Zumwalt

As our #LEANteam introductions continue, I am so excited to formally introduce you all to Cassie Zumwalt, my BFF, partner in crime and #LEANteam rockstar! As you will read below, I have known Cassie since our days in college. We have been pretty inseparable for the past 20 years and during our time together I know that I have been a major influence in her overall goal to live a healthy life.

10-12 years ago when I became the rogue dietitian, telling my patients to stop worrying about fats and start worrying about carbs and sugar, she might have been the only person that did not think I was crazy! Together we have evolved and aimed to nourish our bodies with the highest quality foods and hold each other accountable for this new healthy lifestyle. I will even admit that over the last few years Cassie may be more dialed in with regards to food quality and food sourcing than even myself. She is a wealth of knowledge due to her educational background and her personal experience. Cassie has been a promonate figure in my monthly ELITE program for the past year and I look forward to expanding her roll in the months to come! Read more about Cassie below.


Hello. Let me introduce myself, my name is Cassie Zumwalt and I am delighted to be working with Amanda’s LEAN program as an advisor for the monthly ELITE program.  I am a Registered Nurse with Degrees from the University of Kentucky in Health Care Administration and a BSN from Eastern Kentucky University. Most importantly, I am a wife to Nicholas and Mom to a pretty phenomenal little guy, Aiden. My nursing career has centered in both Cardiology and Oncology and has fueled my passion for living a life of health and wellness. I truly understand how significant it is that we nourish our bodies with whole foods and incorporate intentional exercise in order to live our lives in the happiest and healthiest capacity.


The whole family got healthy!

Amanda and I have been close friends since our sorority days back in college. We have shared many awesome memories together including being part of each other’s weddings, beginning of our careers in the medical field, we even got to experience pregnancies together.  Like so many women, I really struggled with losing my pregnancy weight; however, my battle was even more complicated by a considerable amount of stress due to my son’s long term and frequent hospitalizations related to his complex congenital heart disease. I really lost sight of how important it was to put my health first! Which is imperative, as Aiden’s special needs will require both me and my husband to be at our best for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, I had been a lifelong “yo-yoer” with my weight despite my awareness of the importance of whole food nutrition and eating from clean, high quality food sources; I was a steady state cardio junkie, and I had not seen any substantial results for many years after the birth of my son.


When I began intermittent fasting and incorporating strength training into my exercise routines, I was able to lose 70 pounds in six months. The best part is I have been able to maintain the loss for over a year and a half by simply living the LEAN lifestyle. Even more importantly than the physical change to my body is the fact that I now have more energy and stamina than I remember having long before parenthood. I love the emotional stability and mental clarity that these principals have brought to my life. I truly am grateful that this program has left such a positive impact on so many of my friends, family, neighbors and co-workers and I know it will work for you too!  I look forward to the opportunity to help and support many clients in the years to come and teach them what I have learned to finally see long term, sustainable results!


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