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1:1 services are intended to help address your personal needs. While overall health and wellness is general to all people, each individual has their own personal struggles and barriers to success. 1:1 coaching really helps to dial into those barriers and provides specific support and accountability. We offer a wide variety of these one-on-one support options for all our clients.


Sometimes talking through your needs and challenges can make a huge difference! Many people overthink health and wellness or just find themselves so overwhelmed that they don’t even know where to start. A phone consultation with Amanda and/or her LEAN staff could be just the kick you need to get going. We offer phone consults that range from 15-60 mins and clients are welcome to book as many as they need. Phone consults are available with registered dietitians and LEAN coaches for nutritional and dietary support and with life coaches for mindset and motivation support.


While 95% of clients will thrive in the LEAN group program, some clients just need that extra handholding and support. With the 1:1 option, you may choose to work with a registered dietitian, a LEAN coach, or one of our life coaches for mindset and motivational support. Our main goal will be to provide daily texting support and accountability with weekly phone call check-ins. But will also include individually tailored resources such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Individualized nutrition and exercise plan

  • Increased accountability and support
  • Custom modifications based on individual needs and weekly results

  • Weight loss and increased metabolism

  • Increased energy and wellbeing

  • Better digestion

  • Nutritional counseling specific to achieving a lean body mass.

  • Specific nutritional counseling related to specific health concerns such as diabetes, celiac disease, heart disease, etc.

In The 1:1 Coaching

You Will Get ...

A weekly, 30 min session via Skype

4-5 sessions over the 4 weeks

Individualized nutrition plans

Personalized exercise plan for at home or in the gym workouts

Personalized resources such as grocery list, approved foods, recipes and meal plans

Individualized supplement recommendations

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