2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a wild ride these past few years, and if there’s one thing we have learned, it is to honor your health and wellness! So, why not give the gift of health this season? The New Year is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to start finding the health and wellness tools that are going to make your 2023 a successful one! 

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite budget-friendly tools as well as a few splurge items I think will make all the difference for you and your loved ones this holiday season whether it’s for the chef, bookworm, fashionista, tech enthusiast, and more! 

Check them out below and grab one (or a few) for yourself, a family member, or a friend! 



Meat Chopper

This is a must in my kitchen for all things ground beef, tacos, and soups! It evenly breaks up the ground beef into your pan for smooth sailing while cooking. Get the perfect ground beef/turkey/chicken for any dish with this!

Veggie Chopper

Meal prepping is so much quicker when you have this chopper in your kitchen! I find that it is so easy to load your dishes with healthy veggies when they are sliced and diced! This handy kitchen tool will easily shave an hour off your meal prep, making it so worth the small investment! Another great kitchen item to add to your list or purchase for a family member or friend! 

Silicone Baking Cups

If you follow me on social media, then you know I love to make egg white cups. Easy release and nonstick, these silicone cupcake liners make popping out completely shaped baked items, egg cups, mini meatloaves, and more, a breeze!

Stainless Steel Bowls

We all know I love a good mixing bowl! These bowls are perfect for meal prepping just about everything, and cleaning is a breeze! They are BPA-free and stain resistant so they will last a long while in your kitchen! 

Silicone Muffin Pan

Just like the silicone muffin liners, this silicone muffin pan makes cooking and baking so much easier! You don’t have to worry about food getting stuck to the sides with these. You can do just about anything and it will pop right out when completely cooled! 

Ninja Blender

We all know getting your protein in is key! Spice up your shakes with some veggies and fruits for more flavor and a boost of vitamins and minerals with this blender! Check out my Pinterest page for some great protein shake recipes!


Oura Ring

If you are looking to hack your health, then this device is exactly what you need. With daily feedback to improve your health, the Oura ring scientifically tracks sleep, activity, heart rate variability, and so much more. This data is used to give you a daily readiness score so you know the state of your recovery. I have been wearing an Oura ring for the past year and really like the data and the feedback I get from it! 

Garmin Venu

This smartwatch is a super sleek design, making it suitable for all occasions! This device tracks your sleep, heart rate, and more to improve overall health and wellness while showing you trends. With this sleek and stylish design, you can wear it day and night. 


A slightly cheaper version of the Apple Watch, the Fitbit will also track your sleep, heart rate, and more while giving you all of your health data and trends in their app. This is a lightweight option for any fitness and tech enthusiast! 


No gym session is complete without headphones. Never get wrapped up in your chord again with these! A double bonus is that you are not holding your phone up to your ear, sending dangerous radio frequencies that may impact long-term health. 

Fittrack Scale (nighbert20 code)

The days of only tracking your weight are way in the past! We want to be focusing on body composition changes – meaning we want to be building muscle while losing weight! This Fittrack Scale will show you your trends with your weight, body fat percentage, and more!


LEAN Planner

I always say those who fail to plan, plan to fail! The new LEAN planner will definitely help you get organized and stay organized each week.  Set monthly goals and record your progress, craft your meal plan and grocery list for the week, or plan out your workouts—this helps organize it all! The LEAN six-month planner is just what you need to make your health goals a reality!

Atomic Habits

We read this book every January in the Lean Monthly Book Club because it is SUCH a powerful message for creating long-term, sustainable habits. Start the new year off right with a copy of this, or download it to your kindle! 

Food: What the heck should I eat?

Dr. Hyman debunks misconceptions and breaks down the science in an easy to digest book! He also explains food’s role as powerful medicine capable of reversing chronic disease and shows how our food system and policies impact the environment and more!

The Salt Fix

This is the book you need! Salt is NOT bad for you! Salt is likely your missing link.  Too little salt in certain populations can also actually increase blood pressure as well as resting heart rate. Dr. J. DiNicolantonio breaks down the scientific evidence into an easy to read book so you can understand all the benefits that quality salt has to offer. 

Ultimate Guide to fasting

One of my main components of LEAN is Intermittent Fasting – which is simply eating in a specific window of time. It is not about starving yourself! Learn all about why we fast, the benefits of fasting, and more in this quick and easy book by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung. 

Food Fix

This book will really make you think about what you eat and where it comes from! Mark Hyman explains how our food and agriculture policies are corrupted by money and lobbies that drive our biggest global crises like the spread of obesity and food-related chronic disease, climate change, and more.

Magnesium Miracle 

Magnesium is essential to our daily lives. Even a small dip in the optimal levels can cause constipation, fatigue, anxiety, weakness, pain, cramping, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, depression, irritability, lethargy, and insomnia. Larger deficiencies can lead to serious side effects including seizures, multiple sclerosis, muscle weakness, abnormal heart rhythms, and other serious life-threatening conditions. Learn more about this magic mineral in this book!


When you love your outfit, you workout harder right? Treat yourself to some new gear this holiday season and strut your stuff in style at the gym! 


LEAN workout Bands

Who needs dumbbells when you have bands? There are so many effective workouts that can be done with resistance bands! 

LEAN workout Sliders

Sliders make for a great addition to any workout whether it be mountain climbers, hamstring sliders, or reverse lunges on the slider. Treat yourself to an elevated workout this year! 

LEAN Workout Tank

Represent the lifestyle you are living with these stylish and cute Tanks! 

Adjustable Dumbbells

These Dumbbells are the perfect space savers for any home gym. Dial into the weight you wish to use, and increase as needed with a simple turn of a dial! No more mismatched dumbbells lying around! 

Chili Pad (Code SLEEPME) 

Because everyone needs to recover at night! Your body sleeps best in a cooler environment. When you push hard in the kitchen and the gym, don’t let your results get derailed by a bad night’s sleep. Check out the Chili Pad for a cool night’s sleep and watch your recovery soar!  


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