How to have a night out without destroying your health goals

Have a weekend or ladies’ night planned and worried about how it’ll affect your health goals? Don’t fear! 

Today, you’ll learn how to enjoy a night out without falling off the health wagon. Apply these four critical steps next time you have a night out on the town. 

Have a Plan 

If you know your night out will be full of burgers and booze, start the day on a healthy kick. 

Make sure all your other meals are as clean as can be. Hit the gym and bust out your favorite exercises or take a long walk through your neighborhood. Drink plenty of water, and boost your electrolytes (we’ll dive into hydration more below). 

Make a plan for your evening out. Decide ahead of time what you’re comfortable eating and drinking.If you’re pumped for french fries and wings, eat your meal mindfully without guilt. Pace yourself, and maximize the enjoyment of whatever meal you order and savor all the flavors. 

On the other hand, if you really do want to pick a healthy meal while out with your friends, check out these six tips that help you lose weight even when you’re eating out.

Prep by Prioritizing your Protein

Protein is the most important macronutrient for weight loss, but you can’t just pack it all into one meal. Our bodies need a slow drip of protein throughout the day to function at its best. If you’re going out for dinner, try to pack some protein into the meal and make sure to give your breakfast and lunch a good boost of protein. 

High protein foods like chicken are some of the best foods to eat before a night of drinking. These foods help slow the rate of alcohol being absorbed into the body. Since protein takes longer to digest, it can help slow down your blood alcohol levels too. 

Not sure how to pack in protein the healthy way? Try out a few of my 52 favorite protein recipes here! In this e-book, you’ll also learn why protein is important for fitness, how much protein you personally need each day, and what protein sources are the best for weight loss. 

Drink Plenty of Water During the Day

Dehydration increases hunger, cravings, and over-eating. Plus, if you’re planning on throwing back a few while you’re out, dehydration will lead to that dreaded next-morning hangover and slump. 

Hydration is your hangover’s kryptonite, and it will help you portion your meal properly. Throughout the day, drink plenty of electrolyte-rich water, like Hi Lyte. It’ll keep your digestion moving, decrease bloating, and help your body flush toxins from the less-than-healthy food and drinks you may enjoy. 

Not sure why electrolytes are so important—especially when you’re hitting the town for a night out? Check out my quick electrolyte guide to learn why you need more electrolytes, including which drinks to enjoy and which to avoid. 

Don’t Forget to Reset

Don’t panic the morning after. You may step on the scale and be greeted with a shocking number. How you respond will make more of a difference for your long-term health than your one night of indulgences. 

What’s your go-to response when the scale jumps up on you?

  1. I panic, immediately sign up for a cleanse, and hit the gym.
  2. I feel so discouraged that I throw in the towel and give up on my goals. 
  3. I do nothing. 

The food you eat during one night out won’t determine whether you’re set back in your health goals, but how you respond will. The key to enjoying a night out with friends is learning how to reset the right way afterwards. 

So, what’s the right way to respond that will help you keep losing weight?

Do nothing. 

Sure, you may feel extra dehydrated and need to flush your body with more water. Maybe you’ll feel bloated and want a lighter breakfast. Or perhaps your energy levels will be a little lower, and a long walk outside sounds refreshing. 

But the best way to get back on the health wagon is to simply step back on. Return to your normal healthy routine—no need to throw in the towel or fast for three days. 

Living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight doesn’t require perfection. The morning after a night out, remind yourself of the 80/20 rule (you’ll definitely want to read this if you haven’t heard of this critical key to long-term weight loss!).

Don’t let one bad decision spiral into a week of poor choices or crash dieting. Simply, go back to your sustainable and healthy lifestyle in your next meal. Return to your healthy lifestyle as soon as possible and your body will adjust back easily. 

Living Healthily and Losing Weight Can Actually Be Enjoyable!

Finding that healthy lifestyle you love is the key to long-term health. Your weight loss journey is about feeling more confident and having enough energy to do the things you love with the people you love. Embarking on a health journey and even losing weight doesn’t have to feel like a painful punishment. 

If you’re ready for lasting weight loss and better health, join me and my crew of health seekers who are reaching their health goals and feeling amazing too! 

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