5 Spooky & Skinny Drinks To Sip On This Halloween

Who said Halloween was just for kids? 

I for one refuse to let that be the case. Halloween isn’t just another holiday in my household—it’s a lifestyle. I’m talking the plumpest of pumpkins, the scariest of skeletons, and most deviant of decoration. 

If you’re like me, Halloween has all the feels that take me back to being a kid—the candy, the comradery, the celebration, it’s amazing. But you know what isn’t, the stomach ache the next day when you remember you had a few extra cocktails and 5 king-sized candy bars. 

This year, your Halloween celebrations don’t have to completely revolve around the kids, and they don’t have to sabotage your health goals either. You can have a healthy Halloween and still enjoy a few 21-and-over refreshers. 

Get out there and enjoy a spooktacular weekend with these 5 spooky and skinny Halloween cocktails that are scary good.


Witch’s Brew Skinny Margarita

This blood-red sipper is packed with citrus flavor but clocks in low when it comes to calories (just 112 per cocktail). Sweetened only by the pomegranate juice, orange juice, and a bit of Agave nectar, this drink won’t bust past your carb limit either. 

Stir up this Witch’s Brew and curl up for your favorite Halloween film or whip up a batch for an adults-only Halloween party. Either way, this drink will make you feel wickedly indulgent.

Halloween Hot Toddy

On a chilly Halloween night, warm up with this delicious whiskey drink. Made with a ginger tea base, a squeeze of lemon juice, a touch of honey, and a few ounces of whiskey, you’ll get all the festive feelings without the extra sugar and calories. 

Boost the Halloween theme by adding a curly green apple peel for garnish. Pour this warmer into a silver teacup, and you’ll feel like Morticia Addams sipping on her spooky brew. 


A Very Bloody Mary

Complete with olive “eyeballs,” bacon, celery, pickles, and jalapenos, this Bloody Mary is practically a snack. If you like a touch of savoriness to sip on, you’ll love the black lava salt that gives this spicy drink its striking look. 

Spiked with vodka and mixed with a salad bar of vegetables, you’ll find that this cocktail can be customized to fit your taste and diet preferences. Try it out with your favorite savory garnishes. Chill. Then pop in a Halloween straw to complete the creepy look. 

Poison Apple Cocktail

This dangerously beautiful imbibe is sneakily stronger than it tastes. With apple liqueur and bourbon, a splash of ginger beer, pomegranate juice, and cinnamon sugar on the rim, you won’t find a more festive Fall cocktail. 

While the recipe is delicious as is, you can easily adjust it to match your specific health goals and macros. Swap the ginger beer with sparkling ginger water. Skip the sugar on the rim, or swap the apple liqueur for fresh apple juice. However you adjust this drink, its spiced apple flavor will surely give you cozy Fall feelings.


Ghostly White Russian

You’d never know that this sweet, creamy, and boozy cocktail has far fewer calories than a traditional White Russian. Whipped up with Soy Creamer and sugar-free caramel syrup, you’ll be able to sip on a super sweet and simple treat without worrying about your waistline.

Top with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg for extra Fall flavor, or enjoy your grown-up iced coffee as is. 

Enjoy a Bit of Boos this Halloween 

With these spooky and skinny cocktail recipes, you can enjoy a Halloween treat or host an extra spooky party without ruining your health goals. This year, give one of these drinks a taste. With a treat of your own, who needs to sneak into the kids’ candy bags?

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