5 tips to help you survive that summer holiday BBQ

Some of our fondest memories are made around those summer holiday celebrations. Grilling, outdoor sports and games, homemade ice cream, reuniting with aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, socializing with neighbors and friends are those days that make summer just a little sweeter. You can have ALL the fun, enjoy ALL the food, and still stay on track with your health and wellness. Follow these simple tips to help you not just SURVIVE, but THRIVE, at that holiday cookout.

  1. Plan ahead.  Think ahead. Consider your plans for the holiday weekend and plan your actions prior to your celebrations. Try fasting a little longer that day if possible and plan to keep your food choices leading up to the celebration super clean and low in carbs.  I know if I plan to head to a holiday BBQ, I typically will hold my fast to save ALL my calories for the celebration. If the event is later in the day, then I might break my fast with a protein shake on the way to BBQ, so I don’t show up completely ravenous. This will help me control my hunger and get in that all important protein.

  2. Push extra water. This is important. Get yourself super hydrated. It will help your hunger level and help flush out those discretionary choices that come with a celebration.

  3. Be smart about alcohol. Enjoy those summer libations but just do your best to minimize the calories. Choose adult beverages that are low in carbs and drink a glass of water between each beverage. This will help your body metabolize the alcohol more readily and help you to not overdo it.

  4. Bring a healthy dish. We know there are going to be chips, casseroles, desserts, ALL the things we normally limit. If I am going to a cookout, I’m the girl that brings that big veggie tray, that huge colorful salad, or that healthy low carb appetizer. This assures that I have at least one nutritious option to feed my body along with the protein being served.

  5. Don’t graze. This is where we often get ourselves in trouble. Those nibbles here and there add up at the end of the day. So, instead, try a different approach. Hold off being the first one in line to fix your plate. Let others go first. Then when you’re ready, fix your plate. Load up on the protein and veggies, have a bite or two of all those other indulgent foods, and enjoy them. Then be done. We often end up eating more than we really want or need at those holiday celebrations, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


These summer holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t stress too much about them. You can have the best of both worlds! Use the FREEDOM of LEAN where you can enjoy those discretionary calories AND stay on track with your nutrition.  If things feel a little off balance, remember to give yourself grace. This might be the most important tip to consider. No matter what you do during this holiday weekend, know that it alone does not make or break your success.  Go into the holiday with the intention of enjoying yourself and ALL the choices you make.  Don’t beat yourself up or feel the need to punish yourself once it is over.  Simply get back to your core LEAN lifestyle! It’s all about making progress towards your overall health and wellness, not being perfect all the time. You got this!


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