Sweet Treats

My Top Four Picks

Eating LEAN doesn’t mean that your fridge or pantry is lean! In the LEAN program, we eat a TON of food! I often hear from prospective clients “Amanda, I love sweets, and I will not give up dessert! It’s too hard!” Well, I agree!! And here’s the GOOD news: you don’t have to!! It’s all about finding those healthier alternatives! Check out some of my favorite sweet treats! These are all available on amazon and many can be found in your local grocery!

1) Lily’s chocolate

I LOVE Lily’s chocolate! Sweetened with stevia, Lily’s is low in carbohydrates and oh so good!! So if you are a chocolate lover, you are going to love this healthier alternative!

2) Pro Granola

Pro Granola is one of my go-to snacks! Loaded with protein and fiber and low in carbohydrates, it’s a perfect sweet crunchy snack! If you love a bowl of cereal as a sweet treat, you are going to love this! The espresso flavor is my favorite!

3) Smart Sweets

Oh boy! If you love those fruity candies like gummy bears, you’re going to be so happy you tried these!! These little babies have more than 20g of fiber in one small bag and are super low calorie!

4) Rice Cakes

I love the crunch of rice cakes! These mini rice cakes come in so many delicious flavors! Try spreading the full size rice cakes with some peanut butter and topping with sliced banana or apple. Spread some melted Lily’s chocolate chips and top with sliced strawberries. So yummy!!

Life is too short to give up sweets and eating LEAN does not mean that you have to forego dessert! Try some of these macro friendly options that satisfy your sweet tooth all while fueling your body with whole food nutrition!

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