Introducing My Coordinator of the Chaos, Heather Woolwine

I am so excited to formally introduce you to one of the most important people on the #LEANTEAM, my administrative director and client liaison, Heather Woolwine.  By no means is she new around here and I am sure many of you have heard me refer to her but maybe wonder who the heck she was. Heather is truly my right hand gal and the most important person to me behind the scenes of and the LEAN program. Heather does a multitude of things to keep this ship afloat and she does it in the most timely and organized manner possible.  She processes client registrations, manages new sessions, assigns groups, ensure all the proper forms are completed and organizes affiliates and referrals just to name a few of her duties! She is super creative and most importantly always thinking one step ahead of what my needs are or might be and this makes her truly special!  Her forward thinking mindset has really helped me as we have grown over the past year and more importantly provided a greater experience and level of service to my clients. Beyond all that she is pretty much just an amazing person with the biggest heart. And to top it all off, she is family! So needless to say I love her so much and I am so grateful to be able to work with her on a daily basis. Together we make a great team! I am so excited to introduce to you to Heather!

Hello!  My name is Heather Woolwine and I am the administrative director and client liaison for and the LEAN program.  After spending 14 amazing years as a stay at home mom, I decided to do something for myself and enroll in college receiving my degree in Business Management. It just so happened as I was finishing my degree Amanda was launching her new venture and needed help. She was growing faster than she could keep up with and I was excited to jump in and give her the support she needed. Being a chaos coordinator was right up my alley!  I enjoy taking care of all the behind the scenes stuff therefore making this opportunity the perfect fit!

I am married to Amanda’s younger brother, Scott, and together we have 4 kids, Abby, Zac, Mallory, & Emma. The kids keep us very busy between school functions, sports, and busy social lives!  As a family we live in Nicholasville, KY, not too far from Lexington. We love camping and go as often as we can with our friends and pups! Our favorite place to visit is the beach and we try to make it a point to see the ocean at least once a year.

I appreciate working with Amanda and her program even more because I personally have seen how amazing it works!  I have always yo yo’d with my weight but had gotten to my highest weight ever, including during pregnancy! Having PCOS my doctor said it would be very hard to lose weight.  Both my husband and I decided we needed to take control of our health and weight. After one session with Amanda, I knew my life was changed forever! The inches just melted off of us both!  At this point I am now in a smaller size than I was in high school. I am down almost 50 pounds and 4 pants sizes and my husband is down 20 pounds and 1 pants size. I have never felt better…I had no idea how much the weight was literally weighing me down!


I look forward to continuing to serve and support both Amanda and her clients in the months and years to come! And even more excited to be a part of the #LEANTEAM and this ever growing, exciting venture!




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  1. Phyllis Grimm

    Heather reading this made me very proud to know you. So happy you are doing something that you not only enjoy, but that has had such a positive effect on your health. I came on the website looking for the link to the chopper Amanda uses and found this – I love it! And you!!!

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