How to Stay on Track

While on Vacation

Going on vacation is a time to unwind, to relax, to celebrate, to travel and to see new places and try new things. But it can also make you very uneasy about sticking to your healthy eating habits and exercise routines.  

Vacations usually mean late nights, early mornings, crazy travel schedules, alcohol, and “once in a lifetime” moments that can take priority over healthy decisions. And honestly, it should be like that!  Normally, a single bad meal or missed workout is not going to make or break your progress. However, when it becomes 7-10 days of off track decisions, it can make it really hard to get back on track once we return home.  Then one week turns into one month turns into a few.

Here are my favorite ways to stay on track while still enjoying your vacation!

Have a plan and focus on everything in moderation

Many people “diet” like crazy before a big vacation and then while away use it as an excuse to overindulge and splurge non stop!  This is a bad idea!  Not only will it sabotage your weight loss but it will probably make you feel like crap!  Consider making a plan prior to leaving for your trip! Find which areas you can stay on track with and determine the areas in which you will deviate.  For example, maybe you are going to disney.  You know you will be on your feet non stop so walking and exercise will be good.  You know you LOVE the dole whip so have a healthy lunch and save your splurge for the dole whip! Back on track with a healthy dinner!  Maybe you are going on a cruise!  You might plan to drink tons of water during the day and the limit alcohol at night.  Find the fitness facility and aim to get 2-3 workouts in.  Stay on track for breakfast and lunch and splurge for dinner each day!  Bottom line is if you have a plan and are intentional about your choices when then you will return from vacation and have a much easier time getting back on track!


Make Time for Exercise

Make time for increased activity a few times during your vacation!  This may be a ton of walking around a theme park or a quick visit to the resort gym!  Find other ways to increase activity like take the stairs or walk to your meal if it is within a mile.  No access to a gym?  Here is a quick workout you can do anywhere! Do as many rounds as you want!  

-50 jumping jacks

-50 squats

-50 pushups

-50 lunges

-50 burpees

-50 crunches


Stay Well Hydrated

Water water and more water!  Staying well hydrated is SO important while away on vacation.  So be super conscious of drinking a ton of water while away!  Limit high calorie beverages to a minimum like sodas and sweet teas.  Consider drinking a large glass of water between alcoholic beverages and remember the signals for thirst are the same for hunger.  So controlling hunger requires a lot of fluid and hydration!  

When we look at alcohol be sure to choose low calorie alcoholic options like vodka soda or white wine.  Avoid the fruity daiquiris or coladas.  Try not to drink all day long but limit alcohol to a certain time of day.  And remember that big glass of water between drinks!


Take Healthy Options with You!

Whenever possible, take healthy food with you!  Finding healthy options can be a challenge while away from home so consider taking something with you!  Packs some healthy nuts, jerky, protein bars, and protein powder and take them with you!  Can’t take it with you? If possible, once you arrive to your destination, find a local store and stock up on healthy options to use while away!


Manage Your Mindset!

If you go into your vacation with the mindset of a free for all then that is exactly what will happen!  If you go into your vacation with the mindset of balance then that is what will happen!  So think about that before your vacation!  Develop a plan and have an idea of what it will take to not completely blow it while away!  


Recruit a Healthy Buddy

When possible, find like minded friends and family on your vacation to help you stay accountable!  When you surround yourself with others looking to be healthy, everyone benefits!  Find a workout buddy!  Find someone who will be fasting with you. Find a buddy that is making healthy choices with you!  Together you can help each other sta on track!


A week away does not have to mean complete derailment from your healthy lifestyle!  With a little prep and planning you can stay on track!


  1. Have a plan!  Think ahead of time of how your healthy habits will be impacted by your vacation and then determine what you will do to manage those.

  2. Pick where you plan to indulge ahead of time and stick with it!  Focus on the 80/20 rule.  Aim to stay on track 80% of the time and allow for variety 20%.  Focus on eating a lot of lean protein and veggies and use everything in moderation!

  3. FAST! If you are my client, then you will FAST!  Fasting is a great way to stay on track during vacation!  Fast as much as possible but remember fasting is not an all or nothing technique.  So if you want to enjoy breakfast or have a late night cocktail, go for it!  

  4. Drink a TON of water!  This is so easy!  Stay super hydrated with water!

  5. Consume alcohol in moderation!

  6. Make time for exercise!

  7. Plan to get right back at it when you return!

  8. Most important, Have fun!  Relax!  Enjoy your time away, that’s what a vacation is for.

Don’t let your vacation get in the way of getting in shape and finding that sustainable lifestyle!  What I love most about the programs I run is that they are truly a lifestyle!  They are easy to adapted when you are on the road and away from home!  Register now so you can look and feel your best on your next vacation!

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