What a Difference One Year Could Make!

Make 2018 Your Year of Change!

It’s that time of year when we are all regretting our unhealthy choices for the last two months and feeling the need to get BACK ON TRACK!  For many, January 1st is the time of year that we pledge to eating healthier, increasing our exercise and losing weight! Many commit to crazy, unrealistic restriction in order to quickly undo the damage from December.  Then find themselves right back where they started a few weeks later!

Research shows the most successful dieters — those who lose weight and keep it off for the long haul — practice healthy eating and exercise habits all year long. They don’t subscribe to crash diets, they ditch the all or nothing mindset and they understand that change requires time and patience.  They don’t have New Year’s diet resolutions because they don’t make big promises that are impossible to keep.  So keep that in mind as you begin your journey to better health this year!  Consider small changes that are manageable and sustainable!  Avoid over restriction and absolutes because in the long run those will never work!  Whether it’s the first week of January or last week of June, there’s no time like the present for new beginnings.

My goal in the programs I run is to teach you sustainable changes you can do FOREVER!  We focus on progress NOT perfection!  We learn about balance and moderation with macro management!  There are no foods that are “off limits”. We regulate our hormones and cravings with the daily fasting and we set realistic exercise goals with workouts that are quick but efficient! Because of this my clients see long term results! 

A prime example of this is my good friend Cassie!  Cassie started her weight loss journey at the end of 2017!  Prior to implementing these lifestyle changes she was eating “clean” and mainly paleo and was using her elliptical an hour on MOST days but just not seeing any results!   We changed nothing about WHAT she was eating, we only changed WHEN she was eating it and then incorporated HIT interval training and strength training into her exercise.  With these two small changes Cassie began to see MAJOR results!  Her transformation in just one year is remarkable and is clear to see from her Christmas card in 2016 to her Christmas card this year! 

Look at Cassie's amazing transformation over the past year!

I can’t tell you how many times I have talked with someone who mirrors Cassie’s story.  You are working hard to eat healthy and “clean”.  You are putting time in at the gym every week BUT you are just not seeing results!   Another popular story I hear is from women who can’t lose weight because of poor thyroid function or no thyroid at all, PCOS, premenopause or menopause!  They too are eating healthy and trying to exercise with no results! 

Honestly these clients are my FAVORITE!  They already have the healthy foundation and they are working hard!  All I have to do is make some small tweaks, teach them about intermittent fasting and switch up their exercise and they FINALLY start to see the scale move!

Can you relate to the stories above?  Have you been doing what you thought you were supposed to do BUT still see no results?  If this is you then I promise this is the program for you!!  I promise that I can show you how to see long term results WITHOUT deprivation! WITHOUT crash diets! WITHOUT killing yourself in the gym!

Save your spot for my next session before they’re all gone!  More info the the link below!  

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