Small Group Coaching

Pick your Coach!

Below is a list of the coaches you can work with. Check out their bios to pick the coach best suited for your needs and support! All four of these women have years of experience with the LEAN program so you can’t go wrong with any of them. Once you have determined which coach you wish to work with, click the join now button and sign up.

On the registration page, be sure to click on “join a specific group” so you can select which coach you want to work with. Since group sizes are limited some coaches may not have availability to be picked at this time.

Lindsey Fields, RD

Lindsey is a Registered Dietitian with experience in clinical nutrition working with chronic disease states like diabetes and hypertension.  She is also a young mom with recent experience in pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition.  Lindsey is passionate about clean living, non-toxic food, personal care, and cleaning products, and healthful yet simple living.

Amy Nighbert

Amy has been an accountability coach for LEAN for 5+ years. She’s a certified life coach with a specialty in weight loss and loves to help clients who feel like they are always starting over or struggle with motivation to get started and stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle. She’s also a great match if you need help overcoming emotional eating, stress eating, over eating, or binge eating. Her focus is all about the important component of weight loss: the mindset work!

Nancy Gilinsky

Nancy has 2+ years experience as an Accountability Coach with LEAN along with 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer. Her positive support & holistic approach will help you on your journey to a sustainable & healthy lifestyle. As a 56 year old empty nester, she has faced her own challenges navigating both thyroid issues & menopause. Nancy is dedicated to becoming your hope restoring coach!

Sammi Kromme

Sammi is a LEAN coach with years of experience in coaching men and women of all ages to live their best, and healthiest lives. Prior to LEAN, Sammi was a nanny for eight years, helping busy families navigate and build a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children. Sammi has her degree in Public and Community Health Promotion & Education. She is proficient at meal prep strategies for individuals and families alike, reverse dieting, and giving clients the support & guidance they need for a better quality of life.

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