the 5 Day Challenge BEGINS NOVEMBER 29TH!

How does a happy & healthy Holiday season sound?

The Holidays are in full swing which means family gatherings, friendly parties, and plenty of food and drink to go around.
While you enjoy the festivities and the food, you’re not a fan of the following days filled with bloating and brain fog.

  • This season can sometimes create stress, which results in a few things:
  • Increased weight gain.
  • Loss of energy and motivation.
  • Lack of sleep and quality rest.
  • Less time in the gym or being active.

If you’ve been feeling this way, I’ve got the answer to all of these pesky problems.

INTroducing The LEAN 5 Day Challenge: Holiday Edition!

I’m giving you the tools and strategies I use in my 7-week LEAN Program to help clients lose weight, get energized, understand their bodies, and set foundations for long-term future health.

Think of this like a sneak peek into a lifestyle that can completely revitalize the way you’re living and help you stay on track forever.

  • What You Learn
  • How to implement whole food nutrition into every meal.
  • The basics of Intermittent Fasting and Macro-Management.
  • Dynamic exercises that develop muscle and delete fat.
  • Meal prepping strategies for success.
  • How to drop the All-or-Nothing Mindset.
  • What You Recieve
  • Access to the Amanda Nighbert App & LEAN Program
  • Live Training and Q&A with Amanda Nighbert
  • Customized Macro Plan
  • Daily Meals and Recipes
  • Daily Workout (for all fitness levels, minimal equipment needed)
  • Cutting-Edge Education on Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting, Macro-Management, and Mindset.
  • Accountability from LEAN coaches

The results speak for themselves…

Read what Amanda’s clients have to say.

Fill the Holidays with happy and healthy memories…

I can promise you, these 5 days will change the way you look at your health. From November 29th onward, you’ll be better prepared to tackle the challenges thrown your way and live healthier every day.

Come join me and the LEAN team November 29th for this 5 Day Challenge and see for yourself what can happen.

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