What is MINDS?

with carol

M – Maintaining

I  –  Inspiration and

N –  Never Ending

D –  Determination and 

S –   Strength

My name is Carol Hyatt, and if you have not followed my journey through LEAN as an elite member for the past two and half years, or in a group I have coached in the 7 week program in the last year, or in my Mindset group on Facebook, you may not know my story.  I am 53 years old and over 6’ tall, and I have spent more than 30 years of my life significantly overweight.  I was over 300 lbs doing what I always felt to be a healthy way of living.  I was generally always eating  healthy things, and walking religiously with periodic periods of gym and workout commitments.  However that never seemed to impact my size the way I felt it should.  I had made up my mind it was my genetics, and allowed that to ease my guilty feelings and poor mindset.   I was tired, had joint pain, foot pain, dealt with anxiety, poor sleep, poor mindset and high blood pressure.  I had tried every weight loss program there is, and so many multiple times.  I was always able to lose weight on these programs, but never to my goals, and never in a sustainable way.  Ultimately I would always find my way back to my old emotional eating habits, and my easier channels of mind paths.  This therefore continued to reinforce the thinking that I was just meant to be fat, and that I just was never going to have what it takes to reach my weight loss goals and to keep that weight off.   

In March of 2018, when I found LEAN through a friend, I decided to try something I had never tried before.  I found it to be something that was working for me as I followed the program first with hesitant enthusiasm, but gradually with more.  I followed the daily posts and as I began see and feel the changes that came about, I began to transform.  Long story short, I lost 90 lbs in my first year, and decided since that was beyond my original goal,  I would begin maintaining.  I never set my goal to be super skinny because I was never built that way and knew it was not realistic.  So I was happy with where I was, so I set my sights on working now towards shrinking inches from different areas, while working on stamina, cleaner eating and my mindset.  

What I had learned in the first year of committing myself to daily learning, and weekly planning, fasting, and regularly scheduling in my workouts, movement and water, is that the mental clarity I had gained along with the newfound physical energy had me growing more and more addicted to learning how to keep it going.  I became more and more aware that my mindset was shifting, and I was beginning to see what those things were that were making this shift for me.  

I began journaling daily about these mindset shifts.  It was intriguing to me that this commitment daily was really beginning to solidify my ability to maintain my healthy lifestyle, and I was learning something.  While focusing on pushing my mindset and my knowledge to new levels daily, I was not only maintaining my lifestyle for the first time in my life, I had actually lost another 16 lbs in the next 6 months while doing this.  So in the summer of 2019, I was now under 200 lbs which I had not been since high school.  

So overall I have lost 106 lbs and I am still maintaining and changing.  When it comes to my mind and body I have realized that my journey never ends.  There are lots of celebrations along the way, but there is never a touchdown dance.  Making this lifestyle something I want to live forever and knowing I never want to go back to the “old me” means a daily commitment to challenges that I create for myself.  It means a daily commitment to learning new things, and trying new things and finding more expert advice and sharing my truths with others.  

Therefore, I began sharing so many of my truths past and present in order to help others to find their Healthy Mindsets for Life.  This has become my passion in fact, because I believe everyone should feel as good as I do with this life which is the only one we will ever be given.  I want people who are significantly overweight to know that it is not their destiny, and that optimal health is possible… and I want to show them how.  I want people who are over 40 to know that it is never too late to change, and that their metabolisms really do still work.  

Therefore I wanted to create a platform for this type of “real” sharing and “real” work on helping make permanent mindset shifts in our brains… which is the most important muscle to train in my opinion when it comes to weight loss.  So I want to thank Amanda Nighbert for not only teaching me this lifestyle, but allowing me to coach others to do it, and also to now allow me to help others to push their mindsets to new levels of permanent healthy changes.  I want to thank her for allowing me to share the emotional eating and real life “self talk” that sabotages us, and how I have learned to change those mind conversations.  

So with this group, I also want to challenge myself to move even further into new unexplored territory, and I am hoping to have others who want to share in this journey month after month so we can do this together.  The “mind” work is so much more powerful within a community who shares common experiences.  In this group I will be offering:

  • Development of the most important muscle for permanent healthy changes…. The MIND
  • Daily Mindset messages and in depth reflections/inspiration to setup each day with strength and positive thinking
  • Daily personal responses to member comments or questions regarding topics or challenges
  • “Meeting of the MINDS” once a week a live meeting with honest topics to discuss openly
  • Yoga instruction from a certified instructor multiple times per week
  • Meditation practice and mindfulness exercises 
  • Expert articles and podcasts regarding motivation and mindset topics
  • Worksheets for practice with a variety of emotional eating and mindfulness topics with explicit demonstrations 
  • Book recommendations and reflections
  • Professional guests

I am so excited to embark on this new journey with you!!


This post was written by Carol Hyatt, LEAN accountability coach.

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