Diet culture is intense. Every week there seems to be a new trend, new top diet, and new recommendations to follow making it that much harder to eat well and optimize your body’s health. In particular, I find this diet culture very impactful on young adults, college students, and high school students. Surrounded by friends doing crash diets, yo-yo dieting, and more, it can be hard to know what is the best, safest, and healthiest way to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


**Not just for college, anyone 25 and under!

CLEAN was created to help individuals 25 years-old and under to live healthier lifestyles and create habits to last them a lifetime. It teaches the science behind nutrition, the why behind certain practices, and how to fit nutrition into the hectic life of a college student and young adult. 

So what is it? It is a 7-week program designed to build habits for mindful eating and nutritional awareness amongst young adults. CLEAN encompasses intermittent fasting, carb cycling, workouts, progress tracking, and most importantly daily accountability just as the successful LEAN program by Amanda Nighbert, RD, does. The main kicker, though, is that CLEAN takes into account the busy, thrilling, adventurous lifestyle of those of us under 25 y/o.

CLEAN goes in-depth on how to eat when food is provided for you (dining halls or out at restaurants), how to grocery shop on a budget, how to drink responsibly with the goal of losing weight, and how to maintain this way of eating for life, not just for the 7 weeks of the program.

I have personally followed this program several times for the full 7-weeks, and also practice the habits taught during this program DAILY. I cannot recommend it enough and neither can others who have done it! Check out their testimonies and results!



If you want in on all that CLEAN has to offer, shoot me an email, text, or DM and I will get you all taken care of! You can also sign up at this website using code “lettuce” for your referral! 

Reading this and aren’t 25 and under? Then LEAN is the perfect place for you! Check out this site for more on LEAN and use code “lettuce” as the referral! 

Think you need a little bit more one-on-one help than a group-based program provides? Let me know and we can create an individualized plan for you through the one-on-one coaching four week program!

This post was written by Lauren Thornberry, CLEAN accountability coach.

Follow her on instagram here and check out her blog with more great nutritional info here!

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